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Date Posted: 03-11-2023
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Join Our Team as an Emotion Detection Coder/Developer
Are you a skilled coder with a passion for cutting-edge technology? We're embarking on a project to create a collaborative workspace that integrates emotion detection for faces, voices, and text. If you have experience with dlib, OpenCV, PyFeature, and a strong background in computer vision, signal processing, and natural language processing, we'd love to have you on board.
Project Overview:
We're dedicated to making our collaborative workspace emotionally intelligent. Our goal is to create a responsive environment that understands and adapts to users' emotions and provides valuable insights. Emotion detection across faces, voices, and text is pivotal in achieving this vision.
Key Responsibilities:
● Develop an emotion detection module using Python and C++
● Leverage your expertise in dlib, OpenCV, PyFeature, and relevant libraries
● Optimize real-time detection for facial expressions, vocal cues, and text sentiment
● Proficiency in Python and C++
● Strong knowledge of computer vision, signal processing, and natural language processing
● Familiarity with machine learning and deep learning techniques
● A desire to work on groundbreaking projects and contribute to the future of collaborative workspaces
● Be a crucial part of a forward-thinking project
● Collaborate with a talented, interdisciplinary team
● Compensation based on your skills and contributions
How to Apply:To apply for this role, please send your resume and highlight your relevant experience. If you have any past projects or code samples that demonstrate your skills in Python, C++, and emotion detection across faces, voices, and text, please include them. Be part of our journey to reshape the future of collaborative workspaces with comprehensive emotion detection.

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